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How To Update Your Operating Systems

13 December 2019

Updating Your Android Device’s Operating System

To update phones and tablets running Google’s Android operating system:

  1. To avoid slow downloads and possible data fees, connect to a fast WiFi network such as YaleSecure, rather than using your cellular data.
  2. Navigate to the Settings menu.
  3. Select About.
    • On some devices, you may need to look for the option that begins with ‘About’.
    • If using tabbed menus, look in the General tab for the About option.
  4. Look for the Software Update option.
  5. If there is a Download Updates Automatically option - turn that on.
    • Enabling this option does not install OS updates automatically; updates download automatically and are ready to install manually.
  6. Click on the Software Update option, and follow the prompts to update the operating system.

Your device should notify you when an update is available, but many people fail to notice these notifications. As a result, we recommend that you check for operating system updates on a frequent basis.

Updating Your Microsoft Windows Operating System

If you have a home computer we recommend that you run Automatic Update. Automatic Update is a program built into the operating system and that will scan your computer and download updates for you automatically. Automatic Update requires an internet connection.

Automatically download the updates, and install them on the schedule that I specify.Note: If your computer runs one of the operating systems referenced in the above Microsoft Help & Support link, we recommend that desktop/laptop computers use the settings:

  1. In the area to choose a day and time, we recommend every day.
  2. Click OK.

Your computer will now automatically download the updates when needed. For computers that have not updated recently, the first use of Automatic Update may run longer; keeping your system patched will prevent unnecessary delays. We recommend that you install any Critical Updates and Service Packs.

**This information was provided by KB0000307**

Updating Your iOS Device’s Operating System

Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch product lines all use the same operating system, iOS.

Follow the instructions in this Apple KnowledgeBase article to update the operating system:

Update the iOS on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Apple will notify you when an operating system update is available, but many people miss these notices by dismissing them too quickly. So, we also recommend that you check for updates manually on a frequent basis, by following the instructions in the article linked above.

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Updating Your Macintosh Computer’s Operating System

  1. In the upper left-hand corner of your screen, pull down the Apple Menu, and select the System Preferences… option.
  2. Near the center of the System Preferences window, click on App Store.

We recommend the settings shown in the screenshot below:

  1. With these settings, your computer will now automatically download and install any operating system updates when needed, in addition to updating any apps that you have acquired via the App Store.

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