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Cyber Security

Security for the Smaller company based on their specific needs.

It is no longer a matter of if your organization is hacked, but when.
TNC offers cyber security technology starting with your basic protection to multifaceted approaches tailored for your organization.
We work with you to design, architect and implement solutions to ensure your company is protected.

Security Processes to keep you safe



We have an understanding of your Cyber Security visibility and prioritizing issues based on threat probability and the impact it will have on your business.
TNC’s approach is to assess the identified security risks for any crucial assets.

  • Perform evaluation and assess
  • Understand the similarities/correlations between threats, assets, many vulnerabilities and controls of mitigation
  • Identifying areas that are at the most risk. Your entire network infrastructure and all sensitive data locations are found and tested


We perform screening of your business to determine all crucial assets of your infrastructure. We take the assets and we create a risk profile. We endorse Rules of Governing your Cyber Security, providing risk assessment and strategic management.

  • Prioritize all high-value (sensitive data) areas and locations
  • Understand what data is stored, transmitted and generated by these assets
  • Determine how to effectively and efficiently allocate time and resources towards risk mitigation


We install components and utilize security techniques to monitor traffic and threats and if problems arise, we respond and resolve accordingly.

These threats may come from external or even internal sources.

  • Services running on devices & Network to detect potential threat immediately, eliminate if possible and report.
  • Devices can include all Servers, Computers, Routers and IoT devices.
  • Disaster Recovery in the event that data is compramised to recover as quickly as possible.


We constantly monitor your Network and devices and we are alerted if there is a breach attempt or if defenses have been weakened.
We also stay informed of new threats and discovered vulnerabilities.

  • We keep critical systems up-to-date with updates and any required security patches.
  • Devices are continuously monitored for signs of malicious activity or malfunction
  • Upgrades and improvements to the infrastructure as needed

Cyber Security Explained